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Our team at Artemis Forensics has worked alongside law firms, governmental agencies, corporations, insurance companies, private investigators, and law enforcement agencies, on numerous civil and criminal investigations. We provide cutting edge digital forensic solutions, as well as litigation support for our clients. With years of experience to guide us, we are able to deliver expedient results in a cost-effective manner, while conforming with the rigorous protocols that ensure any evidence collected will be legally admissible in any court of law.

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Over the years, our digital forensic experts have aided in countless civil and criminal cases. From uncovering human trafficking rings to exposing corporate espionage, our team has been able to carefully extract and preserve crucial digital evidence from devices, such as cell phones, computers, laptops, external hard drives, and USBs, to help our clients tell their story and seek legal justice. We provide a wide range of services, including data recovery, digital forensic analysis, forensic reports, and expert testimony. If you are looking for a digital forensic expert that can help you navigate a complex digital web to unveil the truth, contact us today. 

Cell Phone Forensics

Modern cell phones possess an impressive range of capabilities that were unfathomable for such a small and portable device just a decade ago. This, combined with their omnipresence, can make them an invaluable source of data within any civil or criminal case. Cell phones not only provide information regarding who a user has been in contact with, but also where they have been, what internet searches they have conducted, and even how many steps they have taken throughout the week. Our digital forensic experts can help you capture, extract, and preserve data from any mobile phone without compromising the integrity of the evidence. Often, we are able to recover deleted photos, videos, text messages, and files that may otherwise escape discovery, as well as retrieve data that has been uploaded to cloud accounts.

Email Forensics

Digital data can be much more fragile and complex than expected. Our digital forensic services ensure the fast, smooth, and cost-efficient recovery of data from any device, server, system, or cloud account to help you gather and preserve evidence for your civil or criminal case. Our team is able to perform email forensics for cases involving cyber crime, phishing scams, data breaches, intellectual property theft, online harassment, or other civil, criminal, or internal corporate matters. We can recover deleted emails, as well as extract and analyze email data in order to determine the legitimacy and source of any email. 

Computer Forensic Consulting

Browser history, internet searches, saved files, deleted emails, and other data contained on a personal or work computer can provide a significant amount of information about a user and their recent activities. This data can often be instrumental in civil litigations or criminal investigations. Our company offers computer forensic services to help our clients uncover and retrieve relevant data from any digital device, including computers, laptops, and smartphones. We have a team of highly trained and fully certified digital forensic experts ready to lend you their skills and expertise. Whether you are looking for remote assistance with your data recovery efforts, or require an onsite digital forensic examination, we can help.

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