SQLite Primary Key Gap Analysis Tool  Download Link

SQLite Primary Key Gap Analyzer is a user-friendly tool designed to assist digital forensic examiners and database administrators in identifying gaps within primary keys of tables in SQLite databases. These gaps can potentially indicate deleted or missing records, providing valuable insights during digital investigations.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Quickly load SQLite databases, select tables, and analyze primary key gaps with ease.

Image of the SQLite PK Gap Finder software. It shows the main menu where it asks the user to load the database, select the table, PK Column, Date Column, and Time Format. Then there is an analyze button.

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Choose primary key and timestamp columns, with support for various timestamp formats and automatic format suggestions.
  • Results Export: View analysis results in a clear format and easily export them to CSV for further use.

Image of the results page of the PK Gap Finder Software. It shows the beggining and end of gaps within the database along with timestamps.

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